Writing Up North

Northern England is not an island. If you're a writer, it can often feel like that. All the good stuff glitters at a distance and chances to shine and sparkle can feel out of reach. And that can make us feel like our stories don't matter. But they do. It can also make us feel lonely. You are not alone.

Scratch the surface. There are Northern writers everywhere. In villages, on farms, in break rooms, on buses and in high rise flats. Northern writers are creating work and we want everyone to hear it. And we think the best way to write is to write together. To share ideas, offer up support and shout from the rooftops when things go well. We also know that it isn't always easy. So we want to be here for those times too.


Only you can write what needs to be written. But letting others in can open doors and windows to new words, worlds and opportunities. We are not an island. 

The Northern Writers Studio brings writers together. We deliver workshops, groups, networking opportunities and events for writers across the North of England. Our activities take place online and everyone is welcome to take part.


Sarah Davy is the founder of the Northern Writers Studio. She is a writer, facilitator and very proud Northerner. Born in Penshaw, she moved to Rothbury, then North Shields and now lives in rural Northumberland. Her short fiction is published online and in print and her first play, 'A Perfect Knot', was produced in Newcastle in 2020. Sarah's first novel, which was shortlisted for the Northern Writers Awards, is almost finished. Almost.

Sarah loves bringing people together to share work and support each other. The Northern Writers Studio is her baby, a way to encourage Northern writers and to create paying opportunities so writers can do what they love. Write.


Support Us

We want to be accessible to all so we're building a fund to help us run free weekly writing sessions and offer free places on workshops and events to low-income writers. If you would like to help, you can buy us a coffee here.

Have an idea or suggestion? We love to talk. Get in touch with us here.